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HSE/UKLA “Good Practice Guide for Safe Handling and Disposal of Metalworking Fluids”

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This revised publication from UKLA/HSE on good practice for safe handling and disposal of metalworking fluid (MWF) provides a guide on how to maintain MWF to prevent ill-health in machine workshops. It has been prepared by a panel of experts from the UK Lubricants Association (UKLA) Metalworking Fluid Product Stewardship Group (MWFPSG) and from the…

Guidance on Dust Control & Health Surveillance in Bakeries

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Excellent document published by the Federation of Bakers in August 2020. This guidance addresses one of the more significant OH risks in the industry; respiratory exposure to flour and other ingredient dusts. Since its last revision in 2008 the well-known guide has been updated and reissued as a PDF download available from the FoB’s website…

SHAPA Practical Guidance for Suppliers and Operators of Solid Handling Equipment for Potentially Explosive Dusts

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Excellent guide from SHAPA – dealing with responsibilities placed upon manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.  Additional sections deal with responsibilities placed upon owners and operators of such equipment and the responsibilities and actions arising from the use of such machines existing before July 2003 and to their purchase…

LVHV On-Tool Resources

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Several useful resources for anyone engaged in CoSHH Reg 9 testing of LVHV/On-Tool extraction systems. First is a summary of expectations (based on HSE guidance) and practice notes for testing LVHV (in Word format):- LVHV Testing Background and Notes Second is a raw data Log Book suggestion (in Excel): Sample Log Book Outline Finally a copy…

HSE Work Plan 2019-20: Occupational Lung Disease

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Despite the title showing the years 2019-2020 the interventions of both BREXIT and COVID in that time period has meant that HSE’s Work Plan for inspections relating to Occupational Lung Disease is likely to continue in a similar format for the next few years. Whilst there may be some changes to the industries visited etc…

An LEV Checklist for Employers

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The information in this resource has been taken from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publication, ‘Clearing the air: A simple guide to buying and using Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)’. The information is aimed at employers or anyone who installs LEV.  It also advises on how to select the right LEV for your workplace and…