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Largest Problems Facing the Combustible Dust Community – Views of 27 Experts

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This US-based knowledge website is dedicated to the issues surrounding Combustible/Explosive Dusts. In the opening words of the website they offer the following excellent summary:- “One of the biggest issues in dust explosion and fire prevention is lack of information transfer in the community. This can lead to increased risk of industrial disasters worldwide, lack…

Emission and Exposure Control-Related Ventilation Regulations – USA

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This neat summary document, produced in 2015 by the well-respected Industrial Ventilation specialist Dr Jeff Burton summarises the USA standards and requirements for Ventilation systems used to control personal exposures. A copy of this short document can be downloaded here:- 10-USA Standards Overview pdf 2015

Bernoulli’s Equation – Princeton University

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Bernoulli is a fascinating 18th Century pioneer who studied fluid dynamics and various other fields.  His algebraic theorem found that Velocity Pressure is proportional to the square of velocity. This section of Princeton Universities website explores the work of Bernoulli which is an important part of understanding how to design LEV Systems.