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P601/P604 LEV Report template

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So you’ve passed the P601 or P604 exam, congratulations! The next step is to submit two LEV Thorough Examination and Test Reports. It can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to submitting two LEV Thorough Examination and Test.   This template has been developed over the years with experience of mentoring Oxyl8…

Video – “What Happens When a Centrifugal Fan Runs in Reverse”?

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Latest OXYL8 LEV training video on YouTube which shows what happens when a Centrifugal fan is incorrectly wired (ie phases the wrong way round) – a situation which is all too common (estimated that approx 7% are incorrectly wired). The key point to note – and shown very well on the video – is that…

BOHS P600 Foundation Course – Methods for Testing Performance of LEV

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In early 2017 BOHS launched their new Foundation course in the P600 series for LEV.  This one has in fact been given the title P600.  Although it is in the “P” series this one-day course is in fact a Foundation module and it is intended to give delegates an introduction to LEV systems and, more…

Video – “How to Use the PITOT Tube”

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New OXYL8 training video on YouTube which provides an excellent introduction to the PITOT Tube, how to make the connections to a Manometer and how to take correct readings in a duct How to Use the PITOT Tube


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Radigan Engineering have a free to download excel spreadsheet. Taken from their website: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to calculate the Darcy-Weisbach friction factor… engineer’s often throw up their hands, go back to their old college textbooks, and say “about .02!” [Which normally isn’t off by more than a factor…

British Lung Foundation: Lung Disease Statistics (UK)

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Follow this link to the British Lung Foundation Website where you will find reports on how many people in the UK are affected by each of the major lung diseases and how the figures vary by age, gender, region and standard of living. It also reveals the impact lung disease has on health services, such as…

P602 LEV Design – Manual Calculation sheet

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Glutton for punishment?  Then you will enjoy our Manual calculation sheet! This is for calculating pressure losses for the P602 course and comes with notes to aid the practice of these calculations.  We all rely on programs to calculate losses for us these days but you have to know this for your exam. Happy practising!…