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ACGIH Manual of Recommended Practice for DESIGN: NEW 30th Edition!!

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NEW 2019 EDITION! NOW AVAILABLE! Now in its 30th Edition Since the 26th Edition, this industry standard LEV Manual has undergone several major changes and upgrades Additions include chapters on – “Organization and Evaluation of Systems”; “Metric Solutions and Tables”; and “Calculation Sheets and Methods”. This (2019) 30th Edition, incorporates changes in many of the…

HSE – Welding Fume – Changes in Enforcement

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In February 2019 HSE released a Press Note which advised of the new health warning status of welding fume.  The main points made were:- New scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume, can cause lung cancer. Also limited evidence linked to kidney cancer. Now a change in HSE enforcement…

CoSHH Essentials: Control banding

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CoSHH Essentials: Controlling exposure to chemicals – a simple control banding approach Occupational hygienists and others colleagues use this CoSHH essentials control banding approach to identify suitable options for mitigating risks from substances hazardous to health. This approach is particularly useful where workplaces may hold a large variety of different hazardous substances.  The aim is…


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Second Edition, Published by HSE 2011 This is HSE’s current guide on LEV and related topics.  Here you will find recommended Duct Velocities, Captor Velocities, Face Velocities, and other design criteria. The various types of hoods, filters, fans and discharges are all described. Sections on Manuals and Log Books, LEV Examination and Testing protocols and…

Largest Problems Facing the Combustible Dust Community – Views of 27 Experts

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This US-based knowledge website is dedicated to the issues surrounding Combustible/Explosive Dusts. In the opening words of the website they offer the following excellent summary:- “One of the biggest issues in dust explosion and fire prevention is lack of information transfer in the community. This can lead to increased risk of industrial disasters worldwide, lack…

Emission and Exposure Control-Related Ventilation Regulations – USA

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This neat summary document, produced in 2015 by the well-respected Industrial Ventilation specialist Dr Jeff Burton summarises the USA standards and requirements for Ventilation systems used to control personal exposures. A copy of this short document can be downloaded here:- 10-USA Standards Overview pdf 2015

CoSHH Essentials – Easy Steps to Control Chemicals

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HSE Guide (looks like published Sept 2009) dealing with the foundations and “Technical Basis for the CoSHH Essentials: Easy Steps to Control Chemicals”. If you are familiar with Benchmarking (as per HSG258) then this document will provide you with so much more information on the fundamentals and will also allow you to consider more difficult…

HSE CoSHH Welding Guidance Leaflets

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Welding Fume

HSE’s CoSHH Essentials section on Welding Fume has a list of 23 topic Guidance Notes – all of which can be accessed by following the URL link below. Some of the Ventilation-specific guidance notes are listed below for direct download:- WL0 “Advice for Managers” WL0 WL1 “Workshop Ventilation”  WL1 WL2 “Fixed Ventilation”  WL2 WL3 “Fixed…

HSE Prevention of dust explosions in the food industry

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1. Introduction 1.1 Explosions and fires within the food industry from combustible materials are a known hazard and they can have devastating and irreversible effects. This information sheet concentrates solely on the fire and explosion hazards encountered in the food industries from dusty and powdered substances. 1.2 General guidance on the prevention of fires and…