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ACGIH Manual of Recommended Practice for DESIGN: NEW 30th Edition!!

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NEW 2019 EDITION! NOW AVAILABLE! Now in its 30th Edition Since the 26th Edition, this industry standard LEV Manual has undergone several major changes and upgrades Additions include chapters on – “Organization and Evaluation of Systems”; “Metric Solutions and Tables”; and “Calculation Sheets and Methods”. This (2019) 30th Edition, incorporates changes in many of the…

Welding Fume IARC Monograph 118

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In February 2019 HSE announced that Welding Fume was to be considered a human carcinogen.  This has had a major impact across a wide range of industries and employers. Questions are arising as to what elements of the welding ‘fume’ are implicated and what control responses would be appropriate. This Monograph is the original document…

HSE Work Plan 2019-2020 – Asthmagems, Carcinogens & Respirable Crystalline Silica

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HSE have set our their Work Plan for the coming byears with particular focus on targeting sectors where carcinogens, asthmagens and RCS are regularly used, produced or process generated. They have stated that they will deal with the underlying causes of poor risk control i.e. failures in health and safety management arrangements. These include the…

HSE – Welding Fume – Changes in Enforcement

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In February 2019 HSE released a Press Note which advised of the new health warning status of welding fume.  The main points made were:- New scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume, can cause lung cancer. Also limited evidence linked to kidney cancer. Now a change in HSE enforcement…

HSE Guides – Brick, Tile & Silica

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A series of HSE Guides published in early 2019 to assist in the control of dust exposures in the Brick, Tile and Silica Industries.  These guides can be viewed and downloaded by following the links below. BK0 “Advice for Managers” BK1 “Clay Milling (Pug-Mill)” BK2 “Sand Moving & Screening” BK3 “Facing Green Bricks with Sand”…

HSE Guides – Ceramics

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In early 2019 HSE produced/updated a series of brief guidesd aimed at the control of dists, and in particular respirable crystalline silica from ceramic processes.  These guides can be accessed and downloaded by following these links:- CR0 “Advice for Managers” CR1 “Glaze & Colour Preparation” CR2 “Casting” CR3 “Dry Fettling” CR4 “Kiln Loading (Placing) &…

HSE Guides “Woodworking”

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HSE have produced in 2017 a series of guides on controlling dust from woodworking processes.  These guides can be accessed and downloaded by following these links:- WD0 “Advice for Managers” WD1 “Bandsaws” WD2 “Circular Bench Saws” WD3 “Cross-Cut Saws” WD4 “Vertical Spindle Moulders” WD5 “Overhead & CNC Routers” WD7 “Sanding Machines (Hand Held)” WD10 “Wall…

HSE Guides on Rubber Fume and Rubber Dust

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In early 2019 HSE produced/updated a number of guides relating to the control of fume and dust from rubber processing.  The guides can be downloaded here:- RB0 “Advice for Managers” RB1 “Fume – General Ventilation” RB2 “Bag Opening & Weighing” RB3 “Mixing Ingredients” RB4 “Milling Rubber” RB5 “Rubber Press (Small Articles)” RB6 “Trimming & Finishing…

HSE Guide FL8 “Stand Alone Dust Collectors”

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Published in Sept 2016, this sheet describes HSE’s view on good control practice when using a stand-alone dust collector where there is no room to install fixed dust extraction. It covers the key points Employers need to follow to help reduce exposure to an adequate level. HSE requires Employers to either follow all the points…