HSE Work Plan 2019-20: Occupational Lung Disease

HSE Work Plan 2019-20: Occupational Lung Disease

Despite the title showing the years 2019-2020 the interventions of both BREXIT and COVID in that time period has meant that HSE’s Work Plan for inspections relating to Occupational Lung Disease is likely to continue in a similar format for the next few years.

Whilst there may be some changes to the industries visited etc it is believed that the Inspections will mostly be focussed on the industries/processes in this Work Plan.

The document is an excellent resource which shows typical failures, reasons why those failures are critical and the expected HSE actions in those events.

The 2019-2020 HSE Work Plan for Occupational Lung Disease can be downloaded here:- HSE Work Plan


The URL link below will take you to the page on HSE’s website where you can peruse all of their Operational Guidance documents (ie guides to HSE Inspectors)