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Fume Cupboards – Screaming Jelly Baby

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A short video clip kindly supplied by AES, Glasgow showing the potential detrimental effect on containment during “The Screaming Jelly Baby” experiment! This experiment is carried out as part of the school curriculum.  It’s called the “Screaming Jelly Baby” experiment where a jelly baby is oxidised using molten potassium chlorate.  The rate of expansion of…

Video – “How to Measure Captor Hood Control Distance?”

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Latest OXYL8 LEV training video (Sept 17) on YouTube discusses the ways in which we can approach the verification of the Control Distance of a particular Captor Hood. More usually we use smoke release on the centreline out from the hood face until the first ‘whisp’ of smoke is not controlled.  From there most surveyors…

Video – “Captor Hoods – Basic Principles and Design Theory/Equations”

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Latest OXYL8 LEV training video (Aug 17) on YouTube which provides an introduction to the basic operational principles of Captor Hoods and an outline of the mathematical theory for Captors. Fletchers Nomogram equations are discussed and reference made to an OXYL8 (free to download) Excel spreadsheet which will do all the hard number crunching for…