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BS EN ISO 10882-2: 2000 Welding – Sampling Gases in the Breathing Zone

BS EN ISO 10882-1: 2000 specifies a sampling method for welding gases generated by welding-related operations for the purpose of making personal exposure measurements in the operator’s
breathing zone. It is intended to be of benefit to: agencies concerned with health and safety at work, industrial hygienists and other public health professionals, industrial users of welding and allied processes and their workers, and analytical laboratories.

The Standard can be obtained here:- ISO10882-2

Costs (2019) were £176 for non-members and £88 for members

See also Part 1 which covers Sampling Particulates

Swinnex Sampling Heads for welding fume and solder fume collection can be hired here:- Hire Modified Swinnex Heads