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HSE Dyes and dyeing

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This section of the HSE website evaluates typical exposure from Dyes and Dyeing processes.  It covers a variety of controls (including LEV) as solutions in lowering exposure. Exposure to dyes Dyes used in textile finishing have many different, complex chemical structures and there are many products in commercial use.  Uncontrolled exposure to some hazardous…

HSE Cadmium in Silver Soldering or brazing (EIS31)

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This HSE guidance is aimed at employers, managers and workers who use or plan to use cadmium-containing products and materials.  It is also relevant to those who may be working on materials that may include cadmium-containing solders. To download this Engineering Information Sheet click here to visit the HSE website.

SEA/HSE Hexavalent chromium in electroplating: Prevention and Control of Chromic Acid Mist

Published on About SEA: As a Trade Association, The SEA endeavour to be the voice that represents our members in areas surrounding legislation and government that affect our ability to produce and compete successfully in an increasingly competitive global market. We are very proud of the contribution that the UK treatment industries have made to current technology employed…

HSE Fume cupboards and bio-safety cabinets design advice

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Fume cupboards and bio-safety cabinets This section of the HSE website highlights the importance of well deigned Fume cupboards and bio safety cabinets which include some good and bad examples. Snippet taken from the page: Fume cupboards and bio-safety cabinets are in widespread use within the pharmaceutical industry, and play an important role in protecting…

HSE HSG103 – Safe Handling of Combustible Dusts

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This HSE guidance publication provides practical advice on the prevention and mitigation of dust explosions and fires. The guidance is intended for employers, managers, foremen and safety representatives working in the many industries where combustible dusts may be present. A number of materials used in everyday business can produce dusts that are flammable and can…


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The HSE – COSHH essentials in quarries: Foundries: COSHH Essentials sets out basic advice on what to do to control exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. It takes the form of straightforward advice in ‘factsheets’ called ‘control guidance sheets’. There are two types of sheets, industry-specific ‘direct advice sheets’ and ‘generic control guidance sheets’….

HSE HSG187 Control of diesel engine exhaust emissions in the workplace

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Follow the link to download this free web version of HSG187. This guidance gives practical advice to employers and self-employed people on how to control exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions in the workplace, and protect the health of employees and others who may be exposed. Managers, supervisors, employees, health and safety professionals, safety representatives and…

HSA Ireland – Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Guidance

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This document – available as a free pdf download is the equivalent in Ireland of HSG258 in the UK. The guidance was published by the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland and mirrors for the most part the format and content of HSG258 HSA Ireland LEV Guidance