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On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction – Video Clips

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I’m a convert! Often over the years since leaving HSE I have seen on-tool extraction systems for welding which simply did not live up to their promises. More recently – a new generation of MIG welding torch extraction units have come onto the market from a number of suppliers.  The video clips and links below…

Video – “What Happens When a Centrifugal Fan Runs in Reverse”?

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Latest OXYL8 LEV training video on YouTube which shows what happens when a Centrifugal fan is incorrectly wired (ie phases the wrong way round) – a situation which is all too common (estimated that approx 7% are incorrectly wired). The key point to note – and shown very well on the video – is that…

Video – “How to Use the PITOT Tube”

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New OXYL8 training video on YouTube which provides an excellent introduction to the PITOT Tube, how to make the connections to a Manometer and how to take correct readings in a duct How to Use the PITOT Tube

HSE Video:Positioning mobile fume extraction hoods – Part 1: Welding on the flat

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Positioning mobile fume extraction hoods – Part 1: Welding on the flat. A useful demonstration of Local Exhaust Technique when Welding.   It demonstrates the behaviour of welding fume and how the hood can be effective on it’s side lay against the work surface. To download this video for free visit the HSE Website

Video USA Welding Fume Exposures (Real Time)

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This video demonstrates the effectiveness of local exhaust ventilation controls in reducing welding fume exposure through the use of video exposure monitoring.  The video shows three basic welding scenarios and using real-time fume exposure monitoring equipment shows the effects of no LEV, using LEV and natural air currents etc. Produced by the University of Washington…

Video Dr Mark Piney – Demonstrating Captor Distance Effects

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Available on YouTube – a Video by the well known Dr Mark Piney (ex-HSE) showing a miniature mobile rig and the effects on Captor Distance and Control by various external inputs etc. Short … but sweet! Miniature Captor Hood Demo

HSE Video – Dust Control at Circular Saws

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This short HSE video available on YouTube provides information on how to control wood dust when using circular saw benches. It explains the problem, how to set up the wood dust extraction (local exhaust ventilation) correctly to control the wood dust and how to check that wood dust is being controlled by using a dust lamp….