LVHV ‘On Tool’ Extraction for Dust

On Tool extraction is gaining traction and these two video clips show how effective small LVHV units can be in controlling dusts from some operations.

On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction – Video Clips

Often over the years since leaving HSE I have seen on-tool extraction systems for welding which simply did not live up to their promises. More recently – a new generation of MIG welding torch extraction units (and even now beginning …

Video – “What Happens When a Centrifugal Fan Runs in Reverse”?

Latest OXYL8 LEV training video on YouTube which shows what happens when a Centrifugal fan is incorrectly wired (ie phases the wrong way round) – a situation which is all too common (estimated that approx 7% are incorrectly wired). The …

Video – “How to Use the PITOT Tube”

New OXYL8 training video on YouTube which provides an excellent introduction to the PITOT Tube, how to make the connections to a Manometer and how to take correct readings in a duct How to Use the PITOT Tube

Videos – Dust Explosions in Filters (collection)

The links below will take you to YouTube video clips showing dust explosions in filters.  Quite shocking and impressive?   Panel Filter Explosion Bursting Disc Rupture Dustcheck – Explosion Protection of Small Filters WAMAIR Dust Collector Tested  

HSE What is Local Exhaust Ventilation – Video

Produced for HSE by HSL in 2011 this short video provides a basic introduction to the components of an LEV system and emphasises the importance of the selection and design of the correct type of hood for the application. Also …