On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction – Video Clips

On-Torch Welding Fume Extraction – Video Clips

Often over the years since leaving HSE I have seen on-tool extraction systems for welding which simply did not live up to their promises.

More recently – a new generation of MIG welding torch extraction units (and even now beginning to appear for TIG) have come onto the market from a number of suppliers.  The video clips and links below indicate that the technology has come on ‘leaps and bounds’ and appears to be more practicable and effective than before.

HSE have also (recently) provided guidance on the testing of on-torch extraction (see bottom of the page on this link http://www.hse.gov.uk/lev/faqs.htm) and my view is that it is highly likely they will be pressing companies to introduce this technology (or at least to justify, with reasons, why it has not been adopted).


The first video clip shows a Robovent Unit, at the beginning of the video – with the extraction ON and later in the clip – with the extraction deactivated.  The difference is quite astonishing:

For LVHV Examiners and testers a test adaptor kit can be purchased here:  https://levshop.co.uk/product/lvhv-welding-torch-test-kitadaptor


The second video clip shows a  Nederman on-torch extraction units both with and without the extraction operating.  The actual potential operator exposure rates to welding fume are shown on a very effective split screen footer.