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SHAPA ATEX Technical Paper (updated)

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SHAPA Practical Guidance for Suppliers and Operators of Solid Handling Equipment for Potentially Explosive Dusts. Taken from the foreword: It is the policy of the SHAPA technical committee to systematically review the technical papers & presentations listed in the “Technical Advise” section of its website. The following Practical Guidance for Suppliers and Operators of Solid…

Nuclear Industry guidance for Ventilation and LEV

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About the National Nuclear Ventilation Forum The objective of the forum is to discuss and document good practices relating to nuclear ventilation. The forum is open to representatives from all UK nuclear ventilation industry companies. The mandate of the Forum is to: Discuss and share good practice and issues relating to nuclear ventilation Develop documentation…

USA-EPA – LESSON 5 Industrial Applications of ESP’s

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LESSON 5 – Industrial Applications of ESP’s. These notes describe the application, industries and problems associated with the Electrostatic Precipitator. To view the notes click LESSON 5 These are the notes from the USA Environmental Protection Agency’s Electrostatic Precipitator Plan Review course aimed at Engineers and other technical personnel responsible for reviewing the plans for installation of electrostatic…

BOOK Industrial Hygiene Control of Airborne Chemical Hazards by William Popendorf

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This is an American book published in 2006 which is available for free on Google books.  This book is a useful reference for the control of Airborne Chemical Hazards. Whilst this is a useful reference, we recommend that you investigate and apply UK Regulations and Guidance where ever possible.

ACGIH Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance

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A useful manual which is intended as a companion to the 28th and future editions of Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design. Some of the highlights of this manual include: Guidance and training information for personnel with responsibilities for the acquisition, operation, and maintenance of industrial ventilation systems. Discussion of key points…