Nuclear Industry Guidance for Ventilation and LEV

Nuclear Industry Guidance for Ventilation and LEV

About the National Nuclear Ventilation Forum

The objective of the forum is to discuss and document good practices relating to nuclear ventilation. The forum is open to representatives from all UK nuclear ventilation industry companies. The mandate of the Forum is to:

  • Discuss and share good practice and issues relating to nuclear ventilation
  • Develop documentation for Standards, Codes of practice and Guidance
  • Discuss and comment on documentation developed by member companies
  • Develop opportunities and materials for training and CPD
  • Promote and disseminate good practice to the UK nuclear industry

The meetings are well attended and provide an opportunity to get involved in the technical issues facing the nuclear ventilation industry. The forum has a number of sub-groups that address specialist areas (e.g. HEPA filters, decommissioning, ductwork) and then bring their findings and new documentation to the forum meetings.

Documents available for free download:

NVF DG001 Ventilation Design Guide issue 1 2009

Introduction to Addenda to DG001 v2.1
A1 Containment integrity and ventilation
A2 Design and Management of Engineered openings
A5 Filtration
A9 Monitoring Ventilation System Performance

NVF DG002 Glovebox Ventilation Design Guide Issue 1 2012