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HSE Cadmium in Silver Soldering or brazing (EIS31)

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This HSE guidance is aimed at employers, managers and workers who use or plan to use cadmium-containing products and materials.  It is also relevant to those who may be working on materials that may include cadmium-containing solders. To download this Engineering Information Sheet click here to visit the HSE website.

HSE Case Study Schools Wood dust

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A tale of two new schools. The problem Wood dust is a hazardous substance arising from the use of woodworking machines. Breathing in wood dust can cause asthma. However, it is easily controlled by using local exhaust ventilation (LEV). Two new schools had very different experiences when it came to installing LEV in their woodworking…

HSE COSHH essentials in ceramics: Silica

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COSHH Essentials sets out basic advice on what to do to control exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. It takes the form of straightforward advice in ‘factsheets’ called ‘control guidance sheets’. There are two types of sheets, industry-specific ‘direct advice sheets’ and ‘generic control guidance sheets’. CERAMICS DIRECT ADVICE The following are direct advice sheets for…

HSE EH66 Grain dust

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This guidance draws attention to the possible health hazards which could result from exposure to grain dust.  It gives advice on the precautions you may need to take to prevent or adequately control exposure as required by the CoSHH Regulations.  The guidance is aimed more specifically at employers and managers although employees and health and…

WIS23 – Wood dust, Controlling the risk.

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This information sheet is aimed at local exhaust ventilation (LEV) users within the woodworking industry. It provides practical guidance on the health and safety risks from wood dust and how to control them. It will also help employers to ask the right questions when dealing with LEV designers and suppliers. This revision contains new information…

HSW Act 1974 S6 “General Duties of Manufacturers etc as Regards Articles and Substances for Use at Work”

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Extract from Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 which spells out the duties and responsibilities of Manufacturers, Designers, Supplies or Imports articles (including LEV) and substances for use at work.  Useful checklist for anyone Buying or Designing, Manufacturing, Supplying any article related to LEV.

A Simple Guide to Buying and Using LEV INDG408

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A 9 page brief introduction to LEV for Buyers/Clients.   Sets out why LEV is needed and how to select an LEV Supplier.  Describes the documents which should be provided by the Supplier and the Records which need to be kept.   Discusses ‘Competence’ and the content and format of a Thorough Examination and Test…

G406 – New and existing engineering control systems.

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Engineering controls range from small, on-gun solder fume collectors, through dust hoods, fume cupboards, glove boxes and spray booths, to large-scale industrial installations. All have the same hygiene requirements: to collect or contain the contaminant; to conduct it away from the worker reliably; and to keep exposures below relevant exposure limits. When possible, use a reputable…