LEV Examination & Testing (Commissioning)

HSE OCE9 Use of Drilling Muds/Shale Shaker – Offshore

No 9 in the Offshore CoSHH Essentials series of guidance leaflets by HSE.  This one considers the CoSHH Control strategies for working in the Shale Shaker Rooms and Mud Pits.   HSE OCE9 Drilling Muds

HSE OCE8 Mixing of Drilling Muds – Offshore

Part of HSE’s Offshore CoSHH Essentials series, this leaflet covers the control engineering (LEV) strategies where muds are being mixed.   HSE OCE8 Mixing Drilling Muds (Sack Room)


HSE’s – Frequently asked questions about LEV, everything from; Airflow, LEV Competence, An employer’s guide, Thorough Examination and Testing (TExT) to On-tool extraction and much more. Courtesy of the HSE website. LVHV/On Tool Extraction/Tip Extraction.  New Guidance on how to …

HSE OCM2 Local Exhaust Ventilation – OFFSHORE

A brief HSE guide to Offshore Local Exhaust Ventilation. Covers Commissioning, Examination & Testing, Maintenance and Operator Training HSE OCM2 LEV Offshore

Fan Handbook – Selection, Application & Design

OK it’s on Amazon.  But this is still one of the heavy weight textbooks on fans. Here is the first comprehensive guide to all aspects of modern fan technology. The book takes you through the design, selection, maintenance, and repair …

Basic Maths for LEV – Fan Laws

If you have worked through Module 1 – then this one is just a little bit more challenging. This Module looks at the Fan Laws.  these are empirical, in that they are best considered ‘approximations’ to the real world but …

BS 7989:2001 Specification for Recirculatory Filtration Fume Cupboards

BS dealing with Recirculatory Fume Cupboards.  Although published in 2001 it has been re-confirmed by BSI in 2012 To order a copy direct from BSI follow this link: BS 7989

BSRIA Guide 49/2015 – Commissioning Air Systems

BSRIA Guide BG 49/2015 explains how to commission ducted air distribution systems in buildings. The commissioning process mainly comprises the setting to work of the system fans and the regulation of system flow rates. BG 49/2015 now replaces BG 49/2013. …

CIBSE Guide TM42 – Fan Application

This CIBSE Fan application guide considers the principles of air movement and the various fan types available in order to achieve the best results. This publication has been produced not for the fan engineer but for the engineer who uses …

HSA Ireland – Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Guidance

This document – available as a free pdf download is the equivalent in Ireland of HSG258 in the UK. The guidance was published by the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland and mirrors for the most part the format and content of …