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Radigan Engineering have a free to download excel spreadsheet. Taken from their website: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to calculate the Darcy-Weisbach friction factor… engineer’s often throw up their hands, go back to their old college textbooks, and say “about .02!” [Which normally isn’t off by more than a factor…

Excel Spreadsheet for calculating Explosion Venting

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This is a spreadsheet which is free to use on the NFPA website.  It is the personal work of Samuel Rodgers, given freely without any implied warranty or guarantee. Use of this spreadsheet is solely the responsibility of the user and the user should verify that the methods and equations are consistent with the appropriate standard….

P602 Manual Calculation sheet

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Glutton for punishment?  Then you will enjoy our Manual calculation sheet! This is for calculating pressure losses for the P602 course and comes with notes to aid the practice of these calculations.  We all rely on programs to calculate losses for us these days but you have to know this for your exam. Happy practising!…

H1 (formerly D1) Stack calculation

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H1 was the Environment Agencies software tool to calculate the stack height for satisfactory dispersion of the substances handled. NOTE – It was WITHDRAWN in 2016 Now you need to visit the URL below pointing to the Environment Agency’s website form more information on Dispersion Risk Assessment and Dispersion Modelling:-