Woods Practical Guide to Fan Engineering

Woods Practical Guide to Fan Engineering

Everyone talks about this book and there are second hand copies available at reasonable prices on the Internet from such places as eBay and Amazon.  First published in 1952 (my own copy is 1969 and was £5 off eBay!)) it appears to have been reprinted many times, with the last print apparently around the early 1990s.

Despite the title the book does not just consider the engineering of fans.  The chapter titles of the 1990s edition include:-

  • General Ventilation
  • Air Distribution & Circulation
  • Heating & Cooling of Buildings
  • Pollution Control
  • Air Flow & Pressure in Ducted Systems
  • Fans & Fan Performance
  • Fan Drives & Fan Control
  • Fan Duty Control & Energy Saving
  • Noise Vibration & Fatigue
  • Fan Testing & Performance Prediction
  • Use of Air in Heat Exchange & Drying
  • Ventilation of Tunnels & Mines

So all in all a really useful and handy textbook.

Have a look on Amazon and eBay for old copies.