Welding Fume IARC Monograph 118

Welding Fume IARC Monograph 118

In February 2019 HSE announced that Welding Fume was to be considered a human carcinogen.  This has had a major impact across a wide range of industries and employers.

Questions are arising as to what elements of the welding ‘fume’ are implicated and what control responses would be appropriate.

This Monograph is the original document which declared the change of status of Welding Fume.  It’s a long read (pages 36 – 265) but well worth the effort.

“This volume (118) of the IARC Monographs provides evaluations of the carcinogenicity of welding and welding fumes, molybdenum trioxide, and indium tin oxide.

Worldwide, an estimated 11 million workers have a job title of welder, and around 110 million additional workers probably incur welding-related exposures. Welding can involve exposures to fumes, gases, ultraviolet radiation and electromagnetic fields, and co-exposures to asbestos and solvents. The extent and type of exposure can depend on the process used, the material welded, ventilation, degree of enclosure, and use of personal protection.”

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