Wake Effect – Partial Enclosures

Wake Effect – Partial Enclosures

The Wake Effect is well known and indeed it is covered at some length in HSE’s Guidance Note HSG258 (Controlling Airborne Contaminants in the Workplace.

Have just come across this published research paper from 1994 which considers the Wake Effect in detail

Abstract—Wake Effect – Boundary layer separation leads to the formation of a wake region downstream of a worker in an air flow field. This fundamental phenomenon is responsible in many cases for compromising the intended beneficial effect of ventilation designed to reduce worker exposure to toxic airborne substances.

A review of some simple mathematical models to describe the impact of wakes on exposure is presented along with some field studies illustrating the effect.

The importance of flow visualization to detect and correct the problem cannot be overstated.

The research suggests that work practices in many cases are as important as the ventilation design in achieving successful control, and that a well designed local exhaust system must include an understanding of how the worker performs the job

Download a pdf of the article: Wake Effect Research Paper