HSE Guide MR3 “Cleaning Two-Pack (2K) Paint Spray Guns

HSE Guide MR3 “Cleaning Two-Pack (2K) Paint Spray Guns

This HSE Guide/Information sheet will help employers, the self-employed and franchisees to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (CoSHH), as amended, to control exposure to isocyanates and protect workers’ health.

This sheet describes good practice using a spray gun washer.

It covers the points you need to follow to reduce exposure to an adequate level. It is important to follow all the points, or use equally effective measures. ‘Isocyanate’ means all isocyanate-based two-pack products. It may be described as ‘prepolymer’ – this still contains active isocyanate. Main points:-

  • Keep exposures as low as possible using all the controls in this sheet
  • Make sure the controls work
  • Use health surveillance for asthma and dermatitis
  • See sheets G402 and G403
  • Check that controls work using biological monitoring – see sheet G408
  • Also see sheet MR0.

MR3 “Cleaning 2 Pack Paint Spray Guns”