HSE CoSHH – Welding Guidance Leaflets

HSE CoSHH  – Welding Guidance Leaflets

HSE’s CoSHH Essentials section on Welding Fume has a list of 23 topic Guidance Notes – all of which can be accessed by following the URL link below.

Some of the Ventilation-specific guidance notes are listed below for direct download:-

WL0 “Advice for Managers” WL0

WL2 “Fixed Ventilation”  WL2

WL3 “Fixed Extraction – Welding Booth or Downdraft Bench”  WL3

WL14 “Manual Gas & OXY-Gas Cutting” WL14

WL15 “Plasma Arc Cutting – Fixed Equipment” WL15

WL16 “Arc Air Gouging” WL16

WL18 “Surface Preparation; Pressure Blasting (Small Items) WL18

WL19 “Surface Preparation; Pressure Blasting (Medium Items) WL19

WL20 “Surface Preparation; Pressure Blasting (Large Items) WL20

WL21 “Weld Cleaning with Pickling Paste” WL21