CLEAPSS Guide G9 – Fume Cupboards in Schools

CLEAPSS Guide G9 – Fume Cupboards in Schools

Building Bulletin 88 (Fume Cupboards in Schools) has been replaced by a new document G9 Fume Cupboards in schools, published by CLEAPSS.

This updated version has new information regarding LEV testing and the replacement of filters.

Regarding LEV testing it specifies:

• carrying out additional face velocity tests with the sash at 200mm to ensure that the bypass is working correctly
• Measuring the noise level

In addition it provides advice on what constitutes a pass or a fail.

Regarding filter changes on the carbon filters the guidance specifies that there is no need to do a saturation test if a decision has been made to replace the filter at regular intervals and there is no reason to suspect the filter is not absorbing a sufficient fraction of the contaminant. It provides the following guidance on recommended replacement frequencies for carbon filters.

• Filters in fume cupboards with normal use, used in teaching laboratories, are changed every four years.
• Filters in fume cupboards with heavy use, used in teaching laboratories, are changed every three years.
• Filters in fume cupboard, used in prep rooms are changed every 2 years.

The guidance highlights that one of the main failures in filtered cupboards isn’t the filter itself but the seal. Even a gap of 1mm in the seal can allow significant quantities of a hazardous substance to pass through. The integrity of the seals is of utmost importance and they need to be checked on installation and during testing.

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