CIBSE Guide B2: Ventilation & Ductwork

CIBSE Guide B2:  Ventilation & Ductwork

CIBSE have published (in 2016) a series of Guides in their “B” Series of which “B2” is of direct interest to those dealing in Industrial Ventilation/LEV.

Section 2.2 sets out the criteria for the design of ventilation systems, covering the contribution of ventilation to providing a safe and comfortable indoor environment,including indoor air quality, thermal comfort and noise.  This chapter should be read in conjunction with chapter 1 of CIBSE Guide A (2015a).

Section 2.3 reviews the principal methods of providing ventilation: natural, mechanical and mixed-mode systems.  It also describes the basic principles of related systems for air distribution, filtration, heat recovery and control.

Section 2.4 sets out the principles for designing natural, mechanical and mixed-mode systems and includes the design of ductwork, calculation techniques and methods of measuring the performance of ventilation systems.

Section 2.5 discusses other design considerations closely related to ventilation and covers noise, air leakage, fire and smoke protection. Noise and fire protection are dealt with in more detail in CIBSE Guides B4 (2016c) and G (CIBSE, 2014) respectively.

Section 2.6 covers the components of a ventilation system and includes fans, air control units, mixing boxes, terminal devices, extract hoods and duct equipment. Also included is equipment for natural ventilation.

Section 2.7 covers the important areas of testing, commissioning, maintenance and cleaning.

Copies of this Guide can be purchased from CIBSE by following this link:- CIBSE Guide B2 Purchase