Basic Guide to Mechanical Shake Filtration Units

Basic Guide to Mechanical Shake Filtration Units

This is a brief guide and introduction to possibly the most commonly applied unit, the mechanical shake dust filter unit.

Mechanical Shake filters are fabric multi-pocket bags which are attached to a shaker mechanism.  These units are designed for short duration use and remove the build up of waste by mechanically shaking the bags.

Design types do vary but below is a picture demonstrating the basic principles of operation of the most commonly applied unit:

Mechanical shake

The design of mechanical shake filter units vary. They may be:

  • Envelope pocket filtration.
  • Sock / Cylindrical type filtration.

Typically all filter types would have a cleanside and a dirtyside.

The shaker mechanism which cleans the filtration may be:

  • A bar which runs under the bags.
  • or alternatively be above the bags.

Shaker mechanisms often fail due to wear, fatigue, stress etc. and the whole mechanism should be thoroughly examined.


As part of a Thorough Examination and Test (TExT) you would need to access the unit internally in order to assess it’s condition.  You would also need to assess the unit externally.


This is just a basic introduction to Mechanical Shake units.  Should you wish to learn more then visit the Training/Development section of LEV Central