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Process Guidance Note 6/02(12)

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Process Guidance Note 6/02(12) Statutory guidance for the working of timber and manufacture of wood-based products.  September 2012. This is a document sourced in reply to a forum topic about Cyclones and Wood dust.  This explains the moisture content of typical wood dusts and when to apply and specify cyclones.

HSE Case Study Schools Wood dust

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A tale of two new schools. The problem Wood dust is a hazardous substance arising from the use of woodworking machines. Breathing in wood dust can cause asthma. However, it is easily controlled by using local exhaust ventilation (LEV). Two new schools had very different experiences when it came to installing LEV in their woodworking…

HSE WD09 – Stand Alone Dust Collectors (Occasional Use)

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It describes the key points you need to follow to help reduce exposure to an adequate level. It is important to follow all the points or use other equally effective measures. Wood dust (eg from hardwood, softwood and MDF) can cause serious respiratory diseases including asthma, and dermatitis.  Exposure to substances which cause occupational asthma should…

HSE Video – Dust Control at Circular Saws

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This short HSE video available on YouTube provides information on how to control wood dust when using circular saw benches. It explains the problem, how to set up the wood dust extraction (local exhaust ventilation) correctly to control the wood dust and how to check that wood dust is being controlled by using a dust lamp….

WIS32 – Safe collection of wood waste

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This information sheet gives practical guidance to manufacturers and suppliers of wood waste collection systems on how to reduce fire and explosion risks. Users may also find this information useful when planning or commissioning a new extraction system or to check the adequacy of an existing one. It also contains advice on how to minimise…

HSE WIS30 – Toxic Woods

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This information sheet provides employers and operatives with information on the reported adverse health effects associated with the more common woods used in commercial quantities within the UK, as detailed in Table 2.   This information sheet will help you take suitable precautions so that you can avoid or minimise their ill-health effects. This resource is…

WIS23 – Wood dust, Controlling the risk.

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This information sheet is aimed at local exhaust ventilation (LEV) users within the woodworking industry. It provides practical guidance on the health and safety risks from wood dust and how to control them. It will also help employers to ask the right questions when dealing with LEV designers and suppliers. This revision contains new information…