HSE Cadmium in Silver Soldering or brazing (EIS31)

This HSE guidance is aimed at employers, managers and workers who use or plan to use cadmium-containing products and materials.  It is also relevant to those who may be working on materials that may include cadmium-containing solders. To download this …

HSE OCE4 Soldering – Offshore

Part of HSE’s Offshore CoSHH Essentials series of leaflets , this one considers the hazards, risks and control strategies for soldering HSE OCE4 Soldering

HSE INDG 249 Controlling health risks from rosin based solder fumes

This is a HSE publication titled Controlling health risks from rosin (colophony) based solder fluxes.  Serious health problems may arise from inhalation of fume from rosin.  This publication is aimed at managers of businesses using these fluxes; suppliers of fluxes; …

HSE INDG248 Solder fume and you

This is a HSE publication which tells you about the possible health hazards from exposure to solder fume when using flux materials containing rosin (also known as colophony). Download a copy here:- INDG248 Solder Fume and You