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A Simple Guide to Buying and Using LEV INDG408

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A 9 page brief introduction to LEV for Buyers/Clients.   Sets out why LEV is needed and how to select an LEV Supplier.  Describes the documents which should be provided by the Supplier and the Records which need to be kept.   Discusses ‘Competence’ and the content and format of a Thorough Examination and Test…

G406 – New and existing engineering control systems.

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Engineering controls range from small, on-gun solder fume collectors, through dust hoods, fume cupboards, glove boxes and spray booths, to large-scale industrial installations. All have the same hygiene requirements: to collect or contain the contaminant; to conduct it away from the worker reliably; and to keep exposures below relevant exposure limits. When possible, use a reputable…

FD14 – Control Approach 2. Design points for new LEV systems

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This HSE Guidance sheet provides general advice on the points to cover in contracts to design, install and commission new local exhaust ventilation (LEV) equipment, to control airborne contaminants. Use this advice whenever you need to install new engineering controls (LEV equipment) Use a reputable supplier of LEV.  Check the Competence of the designer/manufacturer/supplier before engaging…