Tecomak Environmental Services Ltd

Tecomak is a specialist ventilation company, primarily focused on the healthcare, pharmaceutical and laboratory markets.

We offer a wide range of services from routine compliance testing to design and installation of new systems. Specialist activities include:

• Validation of GMP cleanroom facilities
• Servicing of microbiological safety cabinets
• Compliance testing of containment laboratories
• HEPA filter replacement and DOP integrity testing
• SF6 containment testing of laboratory fume cupboards
• Design and installation of laboratory ventilation systems
• Design and installation of uPVC and polypropylene extract systems
• Biological decontamination of laboratories, cleanrooms and hospital treatment areas

Address: Tecomak, Unit 3b Valley Industries, Hadlow Rd, Tonbridge TN11 0AH

Phone: 01732 852250

Fax: 01732 852251

Email: tristan@tecomak.com

Website: http://www.tecomak.com