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The HSE work related ill-health and disease statistics are not getting any better, we know that, our entire industry knows that and yet it would appear that our clients don’t know that (or aren’t taking suitable action if they do).

Workplace exposure monitoring can enable you, the LEV Installer or Examiner, to convey to the client that the control measures that they have in place are not reducing operator exposure to levels that will likely minimise and prevent work-related ill-health.

Drake Lapthorn provides services that determine operator exposure levels to hazardous substances by taking a sample of the hazardous substance in the air that the operator is ‘breathing in’ whilst undertaking the task.

Workplace Exposure Monitoring will establish whether the operator is being exposed to hazardous substances generated when undertaking work, at what level exposure is being experienced and whether these are below the appropriate workplace exposure limit (WEL).

Workplace Exposure Monitoring is undertaken for numerous reasons:

  • It is good practice to determine if controls in place, including LEV, are protecting operators and to what extent.
  • Identifying operations or tasks that may need further controls put in place, i.e. the installation of LEV.
  • Establishing a level of exposure that a LEV system, once installed, should provide to the operators.
  • Part of a routine Health Surveillance Program
  • To check the operator exposure level is below the workplace exposure limit for the substance.
  • Because the HSE told you to…………

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