WHO Report – Airborne Dust

WHO Report – Airborne Dust

This 1999 Report by the WHO entitled “Hazard Prevention and Control in The Work Environment:  Airborne Dust Control” is a lengthy 246 page informative document.

Chapters cover Definition of Dust, Exposure & Disease, Dust Control – Sources, Management, Systemic Approach, Strategies etc; Control of Dust Transmission, Role of the Worker and PPE, Housekeeping and Environmental Protection.

Excellent resource material.

Purpose of the document – in their own words: “The aim of this document is to help educate and train people in the prevention and control of dust in the workplace. It also aims at motivating employers and workers to collaborate with each other, in tandem with occupational health professionals, for the prevention of the adverse effects caused by dust in the workplace. Of course, dust is only one among the many workplace hazards, which include other aerosols (such as fumes and mists), gases and vapours, physical and biological agents, as well as ergonomic factors and psychosocial stresses.”

The whole 246 page document can be downloaded here:- http://www.who.int/occupational_health/publications/en/oehairbornedust.pdf

Chapter 7 (relating to Prevention of Dust Transmission) can be downloaded here:- http://www.who.int/occupational_health/publications/en/oehairbornedust4.pdf